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Tier 1 Results - May 2012

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Connect Cobb
Northwest Transit Corridor Alternatives Analysis


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Initiated in August 2011, the Connect Cobb study concluded in December 2012.

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Technical Data
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Fall 2011 and March 2012.



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logo Cobb County, through the Connect Cobb study, conducted an Alternatives Analysis to investigate transit options and their impact on mobility, livability and connectivity in the Northwest Corridor, defined here as US 41 and I-75.  The Northwest Corridor is one of the most congested areas in the metropolitan region.  With over 675,000 residents in Cobb County, US 41 and I-75 experience heavy traffic and delays on a daily basis. Nearly 40% of Cobb residents now work in Cobb County, with a large percentage beginning or ending their trips along US 41. 

The purpose of Connect Cobb AA is to develop a locally preferred alternative (LPA) that identifies a high capacity transit system best suited for the corridor.   The selection of the LPA involves analyzing several types of fixed guideway transit including light rail, bus rapid transit (BRT) and dedicated busway.  In conjunction with the study, land use, economic development, and redevelopment opportunities were looked at with emphasis on transit oriented development and transit station area planning.   To complement the technical components of the AA, a robust public involvement program was implemented to ensure community and stakeholder involvement. 

What's New?
The results of the Alternatives Analysis and the recommended Locally Preferred Alternative (LPA) are now available. Click here to view AA results and LPA documentation.

Connect Cobb has added a new Environmental Assessment page - click here for more info.

Survey Results

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This transit rider outreach survey focused on getting input from current transit riders in Cobb County.


University Survey icon

This online survey was distributed to colleges and universities in the Connect Cobb study area in order to collect feedback regarding how students use the I-75 and US 41 corridors.